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6 Way Fuse Block

Brand: Bainbridge
Product Code: WABTFB6R

Price: $49.90

The Fuse Blocks, provide a safe and easy-to-use hub for all your fuses.

Fuse Blocks will keep your system protected and help you make sure all your connections are correctly and safely fused.

Available for use with 6 or 12 appliances, the Baintech Fuse Blocks are a great way to simplify your power system.

Supplied with labels to help you keep everything organised.


  • Available in 6 or 12 fuse outlets
  • 100 amps maximum per fuse block
  • 30 amps maximum per individual fuse
  • Provision for holding 2 spare fuses
  • Common negative and common positive
  • Accepts ATO and ATC fast acting standard or mini blade fuses
  • Clear cover made from polycarbonate
  • Cover satisfies ABYC/USCG requirements for insulation
  • Base made from reinforced polycarbonate
 Max Amps Per circuit   30 Amperes
 Max Amps Per Block   100 Amperes
 Fuse outlets   6
 Max Voltage    32V DC
 Recommended Wire Size (+/- Feed)    up to 35mm2
 Recommended wire Size (Individual circuits)   up to 10mm2
 Recommended Torque    #8 Screw 2 NM
     #8 Stud 3 NM
 Max Ambient Temperature   0 - 50°C
 Dimensions   124.31 x 84.20 x 38.55mm
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