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JUMPSPOWER AMG8S Lithium Jump Starter

Brand: Bainbridge
Product Code: WAAMG8S

Price: $199.00

A good jump starter pack will give you power anywhere, anytime. It is one of the most important pieces of emergency equipment you can carry in your vehicle. Whether tackling extreme tracks or getting home late at night, a jump starter pack will protect you and your loved ones if you’re stranded with a flat battery. Relying on lightweight lithium ion batteries, the JumpsPower Lithium Jump Starter AMG8S is a powerful unit that can crank your vehicle battery up to 15 times on a full charge. It also provides quick charging of accessories through two 5V USB outlets and has a built in LED light.

  • Fast powerful charger in small pack small enough to fit in your glovebox, handbag or pocket
  • Up to 30 times lighter than traditional jump starters weighing only 330g
  • 3 devices in one unit works as a jumpstarter, a powerbank and a torch
  • Quickly jump starts a flat 12V battery up to 15 times
  • Quick full charge all brands of portable electronic devices with the two 5V USB ports
  • Built-in LED light great for late night emergencies
  • Safe dual reverse polarity protection, over-charge/discharge protection and anti-sparking clamps
  • Use of Japanese chipset battery standby time can reach >2000 hours
 Battery Capacity   8000mAh (29.6Wh) 
 Battery Life Cycle   1000+
 Output   5V/2.1A; 5V1.1A; 12V Jump Start
 Input   5V/2A
Jump Start Current   250 - 500A
 Operating Temperature    -20°C to 60°C
 Dimension   137 x 70 x 25mm
 Weight   330g
 Warranty   12 months 
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