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Peggy Peg Small

Product Code: CPP05

Price: $29.50

The small screw in Peggy Pegs is the ideal peg suitable for tents, ground covers and awning walls.

The pegs are user friendly and the bright orange colour reduces the chance of loosing them! Light weight at 11g each and 120mm long they have been manufactured from UV reinforced fiberglass allowing for felxibility. 

The pegs are user friendly providing a surprising amount of grip in soil and compact dirt. Not really suited for loose or soft sand.

12 Small Pegs

 Length    120mm 
 Thread Length    100mm 
 Thread Width     8mm 
 Strength    Tensile 5Nm
 Weight    11grams (each)

Small Peggy Peg

Small Peggy Peg holding ground tarp


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