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Peggy Pegs - Crocodile Clamps (Pack of 4)

Product Code: CPP10

Price: $27.50

The Crocodile Clamps or Crocodile Peggy® is a powerful, multifunctional, adjustable, quick-release clamp.

Made of fiberglass and UV resistant nylon once it has clamped onto material it has a steel like grip and will withstand the highest demands. The possibilities are endless - when material needs holding in place. 

Whether it is used to secure your camp site, covering loads on trailers when on the move, hanging washing, and making extra eyes to tie off to the Crocodile clamp is the ideal solution.

The Crocodile Peggy® Comes in a pack of 4 and  is fully compatible with all other Peggy Peg products!

Pack of 4

Crocodile Peggy Peg tarp clamp

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