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Peggy Peg FAQs

Do I have to screw the pegs all the way in?

No. As long as the thread of the peg is screwed in and underground the pegs are working. If this is the case, move teh blue rope clip as close to the ground as you can and snap it into position.

How do I care for my Peggy Pegs?

The Peggy Pegs are UV resistant and made from a reinforced plastic, however they may dry out a little over time. To prevent the pegs becoming brittle and possibly breaking under pressure we recommend that you immerse the pegs in a bucket of water overnight. 

What Torque setting should I use to prevent damage to my Peggy Pegs?

Torque settings will be different for drill makes. It is recommended that you work your way up the torque settings, until you find the peg flexing. You should then remove the drill and 'tweak' the peg by hand - either with the handle of the Combo Tool or with any other 17mm hex head tool. 

Can I use a socket set to drive in my Peggy Pegs?

Yes you can. Any tools iwth a 17mm hex head can be used to screw the pegs in and out.