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Peggy Peg - Peg & Stop (Pack of 4)

Product Code: CPP31

Price: $27.01

The Fix & Stop has been develpoed alongside the Fix & Go plate but also a the first Peggy Peg to have a thread along the entier shaft. Where all the other Peggy Pegs have adjustable rope clips the Fix & Stop has an adjustable locking nut that doubles as a rope clip. When you screw the Fix & Stop into the ground and its in as far as it wants to go, just rotate the locking nut rope clip to ground level and its ready to use.

The Fix & Stop can be used as a stand alone peg, and will work in 90% of all ground types as a tent peg it was designed as a locking screw for the Fix & Go plate. Once you have screwed the Fix & Stop into the hole in the Fix & Go plate the locking nut rope clip can be tightened to give extra grip holding it steady and securing your awning leg or tent pole. 

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