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Peggy Peg - Standard Blue Rope Clips (Pack of 6)

Product Code: CPP07

Price: $8.00

Having extra Peggy Peg rope clips is a great way to maximize the use of your Peggy Pegs. You can add as many rope clips to each pegs as you want so you can use one tent peg with multiple ropes is multiple directions. (refer to images for sample). The rope clips are compatible with the standard Peggy Pegs - plastic & aluminium. 

The rope clips are made form the same UV resistant plastic that the tent pegs are made from giving maximum protection against the harsh Australian conditions.

Remember when attaching the rope clips to the peggy pegs to click the clips onto the shaft of the peg as close to the ground as you can for maximum strength. Once the peg is secured in the ground attach the rope and the jobs done.

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