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Peggy Pegs - Anchor Plate

Product Code: CPP11

Price: $33.50

The Peggy Peg Anchor Plate has a modified slot to take both the old and the new style of Fiama and Omnistore awning feet. The new Anchor plate (blue) used in conjunction with the Uni-Plate (orange), will hold a round pole and stop it from moving. Shown with the Uni-Plate, the combination is much easier to see. The anchor plate can be used with up to six standard Peggy Pegs and one large peg.

Pack of 2

Peggy Peg Anchor Plate - ground anchor


Note: This is not 4x4 recovery equipment, however it is a demonstration showing the Peggy Peg Anchor Plate and standard Peggy Pegs - example of how much force the pegs and withstand. 

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