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Peggy Pegs - Standard

Product Code: CPP02

Price: $41.00

The standard screw in Peggy Peg is the ideal peg suitable for tents, awnings, canopys and gazebos.

The pegs are user friendly and the bright orange colour reduces the chance of loosing them! Light weight at 22g each and 200mm long they have been manufactured from UV reinforced fiberglass allowing for felxibility. 

No more hammering as they can be screwed in quickly using a cordless drill or utilising the combo tool (sold separately). Packing up is just as quick and easy.

Designed for maximum grip and will hold well in all ground types, however they will excel in soil and softer conditions where normal metal pegs won't hold.  Another great feature is the standard pegs don't need to be screwed all the way in, as long as the threaded part is well anchored its doing its job. For best results move the adjustable rope clip closer to the ground.

12 Standard Pegs
12 blue rope clips
 Length    200mm 
 Thread Length    80mm 
 Thread Width     15mm 
 Strength    Tensile 25Nm
 Weight    22grams (each)

Peggy Peg Standard screw in tent pegs

Jacquie on 21-09-16 01:10 AM
Purchased these earlier in the year and loved them so much we decided to sell them. Easy to use and don't have to worry about hitting my fingers anymore as there is no need to hammer any pegs in.
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