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Peggy Pegs - Starter Kit

Product Code: CPP03

Price: $135.00

The Peggy Peg Starter Kit brings all your needs into one kit to get you started. It contains 30 standard pegs, 20 small pegs and a combo tool making it the most cost effective way to buy in bulk. 

The starter kit contents come in a durable canvas zip up bag that is big enough to hold your pegs and tools without struggling to close the zip.

The total weight of the Starter Kit is 1.4kg with the pack dimensions being 360mm x 130mm x 80mm.

Note: The bag is big enough to accommodate the large pegs if they were bought separately.

For more information on the pegs included in the starter kit see the products page for each included item.

Standard Peggy Peg  /  Small Peggey Peg  /  Combo Tool  /  Drill Bits

30 x Standard Pegs with rope clips
20 x Small Pegs
1   x Combo Tool (with Aluminium driver included)
2   x Drill bits for drilling pilot hole (6mm & 10mm)
1   x Carry Bag

Kit Sizing & Weight

 Length    360mm 
 Width    130mm 
 Height    80mm 
 Weight    1.4kg (with Peggy Pegs)


for more information on kit contents

Standard Peggy Peg  /  Small Peggey Peg  /  Combo Tool  /  Drill Bits




Peggy Peg Standard

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