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Recycle Coffee Grounds


Coffee Grounds Repellent   1.

Pest Repellent

Sprinkle your used coffee grounds around your plants to protect them against unwanted garden pests like: ants, snails and slugs.
It has also been said that if you mix used coffee grounds with dried orange peel it will keep away small animals like cats!
Great news, mosquitoes, like other insects are repelled by the odor created by coffee grounds burning. 
Coffee Grounds Odor Eliminator   2.

Odor Eliminator

Used coffee grounds are great for eliminating unwanted odors, if your fridge is smelling a bit off, put the dried coffee grounds in a bowl to neutralise any bad odors.

Coffee Grounds Garden Use   3.

In the Garden

Not only can you use your used coffee grounds to fertalize your garden (azaleas, hydrangeas, rhododendrons, camellias, roses and other acid-loving plants will love your used coffee) they can also be used in your compost bin as they make excellent "green" matter due to being rich in nitrogen. (Be careful not to throw of the balance by adding too much in)

Coffee Grounds Exfoliant    4.

Body Scrub

Add water or coconut oil to your used coffee grounds for the perfect natural skin exfoliant and reduce cellulite!

Coffee Grounds Hair Use   5.


It might not sound to great but before your shower massage the used coffee grounds into your hair to restore shine and boost your hair's health.

Coffee Grounds Cleaning   6.


Your used coffee grounds can also be used as a cleaning abrasive.

Simply save up your coffee grounds and scoop some into your next dirty pot or pan before hand washing, the grounds are absorbent thus perfect for greasy pans and the small jegged edges of each ground helps in cleaning even the grossest of dishware.

Coffee Grounds Candle   7. 

Homemade Candles

If you love to burn candles and the smell of coffee, why not combine the two and make your own candles?