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The Bod Cold Brew Coffee System


Price: $85.00

The BODTM will produce up between 10 - 12 servings of super concentrated coffee extract that stays fresh in the fridge for up to 2 weeks!

Suitable for hot or cold coffee, with the custom count-up timer you can perfect your brew time.


  • Makes between 10 - 12 cups of concentrate coffee
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Spill/Shatter/Leak proof
  • BPA/BPS/Phalate/PVC free
  • Re-Brew optimised
  • Portable built-in Extract Chamer 700 mls
  • Removable count up timer
  • Brew Chamber
  • Micro mesh stainless steel filter
  • Height - 31.75 cm
  • Diameter - 15.8 cm




  • Brew chamber
  • Extract chamber
  • 2 easy pour twist caps
  • Stainless laser-cut filter
  • Custom shot glass
  • Instruction manual

The Bod how it works


Make sure your beans are coarsely ground:

Make sure when grinding your coffee for use in The Bod that they look like coarse cornmeal, or even slightly rougher. If your beans are ground to a sandy powder, (like used for drip coffee) they can result in an over-infused coffee and make the strained coffee gritty and muddy. For coffee lovers this does not make for a great coffee.

Use filtered water, if possible: 

Your cup of coffee will have a cleaner, sweeter flavor if you use filtered water to make it.

Steep for at least 12 to 24 hours:

It’s fine to cut this time a little short, but don’t get too stingy. The coffee needs this full time to fully infuse the water.

Straining too early can give you a weaker cup of coffee.

Over-steeping can extract some of those bitter flavors we’re hoping to avoid. 

Keep your cold brew coffee cold with coffee ice cubes: 

Looking for a totally undiluted coffee experience? Make coffee ice cubes to chill your iced coffee using your cold brew coffee!

What kind of Coffee Drinks can be made with The BODTM?

The BODTM makes a coffee extract that can be used to cusotmise and create virtually any kind of hot or iced coffee drink. Make it to suit your tastes. Cappuccinos / espresson style / iced coffee / desserts and more.

How strong is the coffee made with The BODTM?

As strong as you want it to be, you can even drink it straight! The BODTM makes a coffee extract that gets stronger the longer you brew it. If you like stronger coffee, brew it longer, 18 hours or more. After brewing, the coffee extract can be adjusted to your individual taste by adding more/less water to dilute. If you prefer your coffee strong, simply add more coffee extract, for milder coffee simply add less extract. 

How convenient is The BODTM coffee maker?

The brew process can take from 12 - 24 hours. However, after it's doen brewing the coffee extract is very easy to use and allows you to make virtually any coffee drink in seconds. Did we mention that the coffee extract will last up to 1 - 2 weeks when refrigerated!

How much coffee will The BODTM make with each brew?

The BODTM has been designed to use 226 grams (3 1/4 cups) per brew. This will give you 8 - 12 servings (depending on how much extract you use per serve). Unlike drip coffee there is no wasted coffee. You can even re-brew the coffee grounds a second time and get an addtional three 226 gram servings per brew cycle.

What kind of grind should I use in my BODTM?

"Course Grind" coffee is recommended. Finer ground coffee is not recommended because the coffee grind sediment can end up in your coffee cup.

Are the easy pour twist cups leak proof?

No. The easy pour twist cups were designed for pouring, decanting and upright storage only so therefor are not leak proof.

How long will the coffee extract stay fresh in the refrigerator?

Up to 3 weeks but for optimal flavour and freshness 1 - 2 weeks is best.

Can I use the BODTM to cold brew tea?

Yes. Just add 75.5 grams of loose tea, including herbal tea into the stainless filter and fill the brew chamber with cold water. Cold brew for 12 hours, flip the BODTM system over to drain and pour inot the extract chamber for storage. When you want to make a glass of tea (hot or cold) just add 60 mls of tea concentrate to 210 mls of water to taste.

How should I care for my BODTM coffee system?

Hand washing is recommended with a soft cloth/sponge. Periodically, you should scrub the stainless steel filter to keep it free from debris to maximise its filtering ability. The BODTM is dishwasher durable and can be washed on the top shelf. Just make sure to remove the timer before washing.


Heart Friendly

Less cafestol than french press & espresso to maintain healthy cholesterol


Made to Travel

Home, work, camping, hiking, picnics


Stomach Friendly

Less total acid than drip coffee

  Cold Brew

Cold brew to go

Portable flasks for cold brew coffee to-go


Smile Friendly

Less tannic acid than drip coffee


Custom count-up timer

Discover your preferct brew time (optional)

Hot cold

Hot or Iced Coffee

Healthy coffee drinks on demand

  BPA Free

BPA, BPS, PVC & Phthalate Free

Free of estrogen ad androgen activity

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